Boon-Docking/Dry Camping


 Ray Lake near Washaki, Wyoming

Trinidad, California

 Sanford Yake, Fritch Texas

 Cedar Canyon, Fritch,Texas

Lincoln County, Oregon

Elko County, Nevada

Williams, Arizona

Bridgeport, California

Mission Bay Park, San Diego,California

Ray Lake, Wyoming


Boon-docking at Ray Lake, Wyoming.  Photo by Debi from Fiesta in r Siesta RV

GPS 42.961,-108.827

Hwy 287

4G LTE-Verizon


Hwy 287

5 picnic tables and shelters and Ray Lake, Wyoming.  Photo by Debi from Fiesta in r Siesta RV

We've been driving for about 6 hours and did a search for a place to boon-dock and found this.  There are 5 established sites with picnic tables, shelter and a boat launch.  

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Boat launch at Ray Lake, Wyoming.  Photo by Fiesta in r Siesta RV

 While waking up here, several people came to dock their boats in the water. This place is right off Hwy 287 and we had cell service and satellite.

Trinidad, California


Boon-docking on Edwards street in Trinidd, CA. Photo by Fiesta in r Siesta RV

GPS 41.058,-124.143

Edwards Street, Trinidad CA

4G LTE-Verizon

Satellite yes

Edwards Street in Trinidad, CA

Stairs leading down to the water at this memorial site in Trinidad, CA.  Photo by Fiesta in r Siesta

Originally we were going to boon dock at Trinidad State Beach but we received a knock on the door letting us know that overnight camping was prohibited.  

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Gorgeous view in Trinidad, CA. Photo by Fiesta in  r Siesta RV

We asked if they knew of any place we could stay for the night and was told about this place.  We headed up the road towards Edwards street where we found many side parking spots large enough to fit our 24 ft. RV The view is fantastic!

Lake Meredith National Recreation Area, Texas


Cedar Canyon at Lake Meredith, Fritch TX. Photo by Fiesta in r Siesta RV

GPS 35.666,-101.594

Bathrooms/potable water

Dogs-yes on a leash

Hiking, Fishing, hunting

No Verizon service

No Satellite service

Cedar Canyon campground at Lake Meredith


This was a beautiful place right near the lake. There's a parking lot up near the entrance with bathrooms and potable water.  This campground is part of the National Park service and 1 of 10 campgrounds surrounding Lake Meredith.

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The directions were very confusing and we got turned around several times, fortunately we found the gps coordinates and followed them. The Cedar Canyon campground is free and you can park anywhere.

Lake Meredith National Recreation Area, Texas


Sanford Yake campground in Lake Meredith. Photo by Debi

GPS 35.707,-101.564

Lake Meredith, TX

10 RV sites / 

Hook-ups Electric/Water/Dry

Reservation required

41 FREE sites no hook-ups

first come first serve

Showers /restrooms

Dump station

Dogs-yes on a leash

Hiking, Fishing, Hunting

 Verizon LTE speed range 1.2-1.3 mbps 

campsites higher on ridge had better reception


Sanford Yake at Lake Meredith

Picnic tables, shade shelters and grills at Sanford Yake at Lake Meredith. Photo by Debi

I listed the Sanford Yake campsite under boon-docking because it's about 5 minutes away from the Cedar Canyon campground and one of many campgrounds at Lake Meredith.  You can either pay for a site or boon-dock here. For Hook-ups, pay at Wright-on Bait (806) 865-3131 Also, the boat launch is near the bait shop. We drove around the campground trying to find the best cell reception and the higher 

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Lake Meredith photo by Fiesta in r Siesta RV

we went, the better our Verizon cell service was. Our RV is self contained so we boon-docked here with an awesome view of the lake.  This was a hidden gem and was hard to find without the GPS coordinates.

Lincoln County, Oregon


Otter Crest State Scenic Viewpoint, photo by Debi from Fiesta in r Siesta RV

GPS 44.760,-124.066

101 North Coast Hwy

4G LTE-Verizon

Satellite yes

Otter Crest State Scenic Viewpoint

Parking lot at Otter Crest Scenic Viewpoint, photo by Debi

We called several campsites looking for a place for the night and everyone was full.  So, we did a search on free campsites along the 101 coast highway and found this one. 

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View from inside our RV at Otter Crest State Scenic Viewpoint

We thought we struck gold because after the visitors had left, we moved our RV to this location, picture above.  During the night, several other campers came into the parking lot setting up for the night as well. Anyhoo, the next morning we received a knock on our house door from the Ranger. We were told that overnight camping wasn't allowed here and the area right off the highway is where you can camp. Funny thing is the other RV's that stayed overnight were gone by 8 am.

Elko County, Nevada


Boon-docking near Humboldt River in Elko NV, photo by Debi

GPS 40.721,-116.004

HWY 80

4G LTE-Verizon only at the first campsite

Satellite yes

Near Humboldt River

boon-docking in Elko County near Humboldt river. Photo by Debi

This was a good place to boon-dock off the highway. Couldn't hear any road noise. Very quiet and secluded.

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Boon-docking in Elko County, NV. Photo by Fiesta in r Siesta RV

There are about 5 turn outs to chose from but we found the very first one had cell service and the others did not. 

Williams, Arizona


Boondocking off hwy 40 heading east, photo by Debi from

GPS 35.2185,-11237733

HWY 40 E.

4G LTE-Verizon

Satellite yes

Kaibab National Forest

Boondocking somewhere in the Kaibab National Forest. Photo by

Traveling down hwy 40 heading east, we decided to boon-dock for the night. We found this gorgeous spot right off the freeway. 

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Boondocking with a gorgeous sunset in Williams, AZ.  Photo by Debi from

There were several other campers spaced out giving everyone there own space. We chose the first spot which had a fire ring. Note, my phone's gps coordinates states this was in Kaibab National Forest, however it was about 5 miles off the highway. 

Bridgeport, California


Entrance to Travertine Hot Springs in Bridgeport, CA. Photo by Debi from Fiesta in r Siesta

GPS 38.252,-119.208

Off Hwy 395 South, turn on Jack Sawyer Rd. If you pass Ranger Station you've gone too far.

2G LTE -Verizon

Travertine Hot Springs

Sunsetting at Travertine Hot Springs in Bridgeport, CA. Photo by Debi from

Awesome place to boon-dock for the night! I spoke with the Ranger station and they confirmed that you can stay the night anywhere on the dirt road before you get to the Travertine Hot Springs sign.  There are several different Hot Springs in this area to choose from ranging in different temperatures. 

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Dean keeping Jimmy warm after taking a dip in the Travertine Hot Springs. Photo by FiestainrSiestaRV

 In the lower parking area, the first hot spring you come to on the walking trail is the HOTTEST! further down the path is 4 separate pools connected together to choose from which are a bit cooler but too cold for Dean. We continued walking around the bend and found the last one across from the 2nd parking area which was 104 F. according to another visitor. This one was just right... We came here in October and the days are hot and the nights are cold. These hot springs are family friendly. 

San Diego, California


Mission Bay Park in San Diego, CA 2009. Photo by

2540 E Mission Bay drive

San Diego, CA 92109

RV dumping station-Free

There is no fresh water 

Inside the De Anza Boat launch parking lot is Boon-docking for RV's and Trailers

Mission Bay park

We saw that someone had posted overnight parking is allowed at this place so we checked it out.  

There is an old building that used to be the visitors center that separates the two parking lot areas. The address listed under details is for RV dumping. In the parking lot located on the other side is called the 

De Anza Boat Launch. We saw trailers and RV's parked on the south side of the parking lot.

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We spoke with a couple who said this is okay to boon-dock at without having any problems. On the street leading into the parking lot, we saw many signs posted that no parking is allowed from 2p-4p on Tuesday's and signs prohibiting dogs anywhere at the park. We didn't stay here because of our little dog. 

*Note* There are homeless people roaming the area and sleeping under trees within the park.


In San Diego, there is limited Boon-docking locations. We found a few of the Walmart stores that do allow overnight camping within your RV or Trailer.

Always contact the Walmart manager to verify it's okay to stay the night.


National City Walmart Superstore

Chula Vista Walmart

San Diego Walmart Superstore

Encinitas Walmart Superstore

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During the summer months in San Diego, the further inland you go to boon-dock the hotter it will be.